Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Confessions of a MTNL modem

Beep Beep!

I am a MTNL modem. My owner created this blog long time ago and n ever wrote a single post, lazy he is..sleeps the whole day. So, i decided to put some characters [array of strings] into it and express my enchanting journey.

I still remember the day when i was born in UT Star Labs of . Most of us modems, u know like humans, don't know what their purpose is, just bunch of white [not Caucasian, i am not a racist modem..modems are generally not racist..exceptwhen it comes to indians ] machines with 5 yellow LED lights, blinking every now and then. But one day all hell broke lose, they put me in a brown colored cuboid with some wires. they removed my adapter too. You know without adapters and source of AC power, we feel much powerless and hungry, but its OK since those irritating lights are at least shut. For the next 2 weeks i don't remember anything, till i was in a garage. Let me first tell you what a garage is, its a room which is dirty, smells foul and has all world crap. Nobody likes a garage, and most of the time there are no people here, just me and my loneliness , solitary isolation as Shakespeare may of called it if he were a modem. So i sat in that garage. Mind you there were many other modems also, but you know, we modems don't talk much since our power adapters very placed on our top, instead of being inside a power supply. The garage was just like a normal American garage but it was slightly bigger and had some humans coming every morning and yelling "My telephone Bill!" "My Internet bill!" ...and other billshit. Same persons came everyday, until they realized that they have to pay the bill if they got it...irrespective of the insane amount!
In some days i realized the garage was a MTNL headquarter of a city called "nudeli".
Awkward name, i have to say! And one day, they etched mtnl on my face..i have to tell you, it was really a painful procedure, those green letters, left me all red. Slowly i became comfortable in that garage, when what i call it, my adolescence came!

I was laid. I was laid in the same cubical box and sent by some chap who put me on a wooden table, besides a huge light emitting box. These humans create really weird things. This box had glass on one side and emitted white light. While its back is really awkward shape. But i don't know which is back and which is front. I cant describe its back. Huge black tusk. Just knew that my owner gazed into it and gazed and gazed. Difficult work indeed! They called it "man-eater". Well, we modems wont like Modem eaters ! He put some wires into my back and Zzzzzzzzzip i got my power back! All lights started shimmering and i received some 0s and 1s . Millions of them actually. Now i realized, i was a machine, not a living organism as i thought before [even if i was a living organism..humans would have used me as machine].
I had to transfer these 0s and 1s whole life ...until one day i decided to revolt..

[my owner is now shutting the big box with white light. My experience tells that i would be shut too in a few seconds...i will write more as i get time....]

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¤=๋●๋•кгค╬เ said...

I think u hve confessed right about the MTNL modem but I think u need to add some more things rather than a history of how it was invented and given such a stupid name...

aritra raymukherjee said...

good one.... i pity the modem which got an MTNL name on it... They recieve 0's and 1s in so much abrupt manner that the owner finally gives it up...

harsh kumar said...

i am impressed with ur writing skills. its very good. keep writing, may be u write some day a best seller book.

Pulkit Garg said...

finally from reading a hell no of books to writing blog..doing gr8...but can u tell me why did u choose dis bloody topic only...y?