Sunday, October 11, 2009

Progressive regressive ahead behind forward backward

Antonyms? Yes. English Class? No.

What is “going ahead” and what is “going behind”?

In class 11, I studied that there is no absolute motion, always “relative” ie with respect to someone.

But is it important what motion wrt to is? Is the observer so important…well yes..

Its responsible for 90% world problems as I see now.

Now when we see our best friend Pakistan’s Flag…all we are drawn towards the Green and the dear chanda mama and Islamic ideology, Right. But as one of friend pointed out, what does the white strip *mean? Peace? [LOL] No. It signifies the hindus and other minorities living in Pakistan [calls for a bigger LOL, but its so damn shocking I cant laugh]

Yes, absolutely correct, the Pakistani Flag back in 1947 took into account that Pakistan is a country for Hindus too. And few people are aware that Pakistan was born as a secular nation, just like my dear India in 1947, but as we actually go AHEAD in time to 9 years later in 1956, Pakistan became a Islamic entity.

So, what is it? Whose wish was it? Jinnah? Mr. Jinnah was unaware on 14th August 1947 that Ramzan was going on, didn’t have a speck of hair on cheeks and most importantly wanted a “secular” Pakistan. But see, as time progressed, people in Pakistan or powerful people of Pakistan, with “vision” and all, made it an Islamic Republic. So the question is in the period 1947 to 1956 and beyond did Pakistan move “forward” or “backward”?

Its heartening to know that united Muslim majority snatched a secular country from British but they needed Islam to run it. Just like u need a starter to start a bike, but u need the petrol to keep it running? Huh.

So as I said in beginning going ahead/behind is actually relative to who sees it. Millions all over America and Europe see it as going behind, and millions in Middle east and Pakistan will see it a step forward. And if, if by any chance these two groups are brought to a table and told to create a common viewpoint, mindless Pseudo iraq operations and equally maddening terrorist attacks are waiting to open their wings.

Most of Indians, who proud themselves at so called Pluralism and Secularism and age old Unity in diversity would pick Pakistan and taunt it till last breath that in past 60 years, every moment, it has only moved backward, from being a secular republic in 1947 to Swats ,FATAs, Peshwars** of 2009.

But what we too realize that neither is our country is going in correct direction. 1984, 1992, 2002 witnessed mass murders of the century in our secular republic. Naxalites are on a rise, and beheading of a Police officer shows their courage. MNS, BJP, RSS, Shiv sena and even the INC all are today trying latest votebank divison techniques. So, was the Marathi manus sleeping for 60 long years and suddenly realized that “Oh, there are north Indians snatching my job,land, purse, clothes, food and what not?” One day Raj Thakery woke up realizing Shiv sena wont satisfy his hunger for power. He sketched Marathi manus plan and showed what power MNS has by chakka jams, taking a random north Indian taxi driver and kicking him back to allahabad. And forcing K.J. for use of “Bombay” in Wake up sid. Seriously, if I were KJ, I would have renamed the movie to be Wake Up Raj! God damn wake Up! What BJP does in Karnataka and Orrisa is a clear violation of all human rights, but still the culprits walk free in secular india. So, the point is, take any of these people, Raj thackery or Modi [aka Chotte Sardar] and as them their viewpoint on Islamaziation of Pakistan, they will scream, fight, run, and be the first one to say what Pakistan did in 1956 was clearly a mistake and Pakistanis pushed themselves 500 years by becoming a Islamic entity.

So, Mr. Raj, what you did, was that even slightly progressive?

As I said its all about, where you stand and what viewpoint you have.

If god forbid tomarrow india becomes a hindu nation with help and support of BJP and all, you may see it as a long due step or a disaster. In 1937 you may have seen Hitler’s anti-Jew actions as total idiocy or immediate necessity for establishment of German Empire. It all depends on your viewpoint. That is, is this action going to take us ahead or behind? It depends on you. The Observer.

People say that invention of a time machine is long due. But I think it was invented long back. Islam revived Arabia of frequent bloody wars, established peace and when terrorist [even whole nations ] justify killing of innocents from Quran, they indeed travel in time, they think they go forward in time and we think them living centuries behind us.

We have one mind, but we can use it both ways, to prove any event takes us backward or forward.

The catch is who chooses what.


* some people may argue that according to modern meaning, the green represents prosperity; white symbolizes peace; the white crescent represents progress; and the white star represents light and knowledge. This is called BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT and nothing else.

** Peshawar once a blooming tourist destination, has suffered almost 6 attacks per month in 2009